Meet Your Host


Jon Bard has three passions:

  • helping writers find their path to success (as co-owner of Children’s Book Insider and co-founder of
  • telling stories and interviewing fascinating people (as an on-air host at KRFC Radio in Colorado for 15 years)
  • meeting cool, weird, rebellious people

With DISRUPTOR, these three passions come together in one podcast.  Jon introduces you to the rebels, mavericks and weirdos of the publishing industry, engaging them in thoughtful and pointed conversations.  And you’ll learn the skills and mindset needed to cause a disruption of your own, wherever you feel it necessary.

Jon is a native New Yorker who migrated to Colorado.  Along with his wife, Laura Backes, he’s been on the forefront of writing instruction for 30 years.  Now, it’s time for him to take the next step and do some serious disruption.


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